World Hydrogen 2023 Summit

From May 9th to 11th, 2023, the World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition is taking place in Rotterdam, a key event in the hydrogen industry that has brought together participants from all over the world. During the summit, representatives from various countries are discussing cooperation opportunities and strategies for developing the hydrogen economy.

Oleksandr Riepkin, Chairman of the Board of the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council", emphasized that the first day of the summit was dedicated to Africa and its role in the hydrogen strategy for Europe. The development of the hydrogen economy on the continent and partnerships with Europe and other countries aim to improve energy security and sustainability.

Asma Diallo, Director of Strategy and Development at Hydroma Inc., led a panel discussion titled "Intercontinental Cooperation on the Path to Commercialization", where innovative initiatives and partnerships aimed at accelerating the implementation of hydrogen technologies were considered.

The World Hydrogen 2023 Summit & Exhibition has been an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of hydrogen technologies, as well as for creating new international partnerships. Participants expressed their hope for intensified work on creating an energy-sustainable and independent future through the implementation of clean energy technologies, such as hydrogen.