The Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum

The Ukrainian Energy Transition Forum was held in London with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain and the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council". 

The forum focused on issues related to Ukraine's energy transition and brought together key stakeholders including government officials, energy companies, renewable energy developers, suppliers, and financiers. The main objective of the event was to obtain a clear assessment of requirements and formulate an action plan to improve and restore Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Over the past few months, Ukraine's energy infrastructure has suffered significant damage, resulting in more than 40% of energy facilities being affected. One of the key topics of the forum was the implementation of the Timmermans Plan in Ukraine, which aims to ensure the growth of renewable energy and reduce dependence on coal. The Timmermans Plan is part of the EU's Green Deal and involves investments of €750 billion in renewable energy development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"The Timmermans Plan is an opportunity for Ukraine to become a key player in the European energy balance and to recover as a prosperous and energy-secure country. Our country has great potential in renewable energy and already has a reliable gas supply and ammonia network, which allows us to regain our energy independence," said Oleksandr Riepkin, President of the "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council".

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain, Vadym Prystaiko, emphasized the importance of the forum and support for the energy transition in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ambassador noted that Ukraine is an important partner for Great Britain in energy matters and confirmed readiness to facilitate the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of green technologies.

The Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" expresses sincere gratitude to the Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain and the organizers of the Strategy Council forum for important and fruitful cooperation, which contributes to strengthening relations between Ukraine and Great Britain.