Ukrainian energy industry has asked the European Parliament to make EU Taxonomy free from gas and nuclear

Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council", Energy Transition Coalition*, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, Ukrainian Renewable Energy Association, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Global 100% RE Ukraine and Stand With Ukraine wrote an open letter to the European Parliament not to give investments in new gas infrastructure or nuclear energy projects the status of "green" or sustainable in the EU Investment Taxonomy. All in order for russia not to receive additional billions of profits that will go to finance the bloody war against Ukraine.

Gas and nuclear companies, including Russian Gazprom and Rosatom, lobbied heavily for the Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act with nuclear and gas falsely labeled as sustainable investment. This can become a lucrative opportunity for Russia, one which could help finance its military aggression, while giving Russia even greater bargaining power over Europe. As a result, the EU taxonomy risks falling short of delivering sustainable investment guidance, compromising the EU’s reputation at home and abroad. The European Parliament has already adopted a resolution to put an embargo on imports of Russian gas and uranium. Now it is time to make this position count by rejecting the Complementary Delegated Act.

The full text of the appeal in Ukrainian and English can be read here:

*Energy Transition Coalition on behalf of NGO Ecoaction, NGO Ekoltava, NGO Ecoclub, NGO City of Sun, NGO Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster, NGO All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development & Investment Agency, NGO PravoPolice, Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, Mykolaiv municipality.