Oleksandr Riepkin was appointed Special Representative of the Minister for Economic Diplomacy

From now on, Oleksandr Riepkin, Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council, will take care of the effective promotion of Ukraine's economic interests abroad.

“During russia's military aggression, economic diplomacy remains one of the most important levers for strengthening Ukraine's international competitiveness and gaining competitive advantage in the world market. I have a task to systematically and effectively promote and protect the national economic interests of our country abroad”, said Oleksandr Riepkin.

Among the most effective forms of economic diplomacy are political and diplomatic support and lobbying for domestic exports, measures aimed at improving the conditions of access of national companies to foreign markets, the use of multilateral and regional organizations to promote the interests of Ukrainian producers and more.

“Due to the war, the production infrastructure of our country suffers losses. There are significant obstacles to the agricultural sector, which feeds 400 million people worldwide. We must work together to win the energy independence of Ukraine and the EU's partner countries. So, I will focus on supporting Ukrainian exporters, finding new markets, attracting investors to energy and infrastructure projects and other areas of economic development of our country”, stressed the Special Representative of the Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Oleksandr Riepkin.