The fourth webinar in the series "Development of the hydrogen economy in Ukraine" took place

Yesterday the fourth and final webinar in the series "Development of the hydrogen economy in Ukraine" was held whereby we talked about the global prospects for the development of the hydrogen economy.

Director of the Institute of Renewable Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stepan Kudria stressed the significant potential of Ukraine in the production of "green" hydrogen and noted that electrolysis of water is currently considered the best technology for hydrogen production and that requires water. In this regard, the Institute conducted the analysis of water resources of Ukraine in the context of the possibility of their use for the production of "green" hydrogen, as well as an analysis of modern methods of seawater desalination.

"Up to date the hydrogen is competitive with natural gas and it will evolve."

Oleksandr Diachenko, Vice President of the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" told about the change in the cost of green hydrogen production. According to him, the most attractive markets for "green" hydrogen are markets with abundant cheap renewable resources. Also, production costs will decrease over time, due to the constant reduction of costs for renewable energy production, scaling, experience gained from implemented projects and technological advances. As a result, "green" hydrogen will be more economical.

Director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine Artem Semenyshyn focused on the role of solar energy in the production of "green" hydrogen. Mr. Semenyshyn noted that according to McKinsey, the potential for hydrogen production from rewenable energy exceeds the technology for the production of low-carbon hydrogen, and from 2025 the use of "green" energy will accelerate significantly. It is important that almost the entire territory of Ukraine can efficiently generate solar energy, and thus produce "green" hydrogen.

Head of the analytical department of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Kateryna Knysh outlined the role of wind energy, including offshore wind energy, in the production of "green" hydrogen. She told about the potential, current state and forecasts of wind energy development in Ukraine, and also stressed that "green" hydrogen is a tool that will turn Ukraine from an importer of fossil fuels to an exporter of renewnable energy.

"If we use all our potential of 250 GW of offshore wind energy, we will be able to produce 19.5 million tons of 'green' hydrogen."

Webinar materials

  • Presentation "Change in the cost of production of green "hydrogen" (Oleksandr Diachenko)
  • Presentation "Solar energy and hydrogen: a common future" (Artem Semenyshyn)
  • Presentation "Offshore wind energy and" green "hydrogen" (Kateryna Knysh)

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Organizer: the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" with the support of the the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) project and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).