World news: Australia, USA, Spain, Slovakia

Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest launched a green hydrogen organisation, GH2, in a push to speed up development of the clean fuel to help curb global warming.
GH2's goal is to ensure that by 2050 a quarter of the world's energy comes from green hydrogen.
It also aims to rope in the private sector and governments to publish demand forecasts, gather data on projects and set accreditation standards for the nascent industry to ensure that green hydrogen production involves close to zero greenhouse gas emissions.

New York-based National Grid US envisions a “hydrogen hub” in Long Island that it says will help the state and city meet net-zero carbon goals in the coming decades.
National Grid has built 80 MWh of battery storage capacity on Long Island, helping to offset peak demand and emissions challenges while also balancing renewable intermittencies. The power generator also is considering transitioning conventional power plants to run on green hydrogen.

Repsol will start up the first electrolyser in the northern Spanish region of the Basque Country in 2H22, to produce renewable hydrogen at its Petronor refinery. The facility will have a capacity of 2.5 MW and will involve an investment of €8.9 million, also covering the construction of the necessary infrastructures for the use and distribution of the renewable hydrogen produced.

BCF Energy plans to establish 40 fuelling stations with hydrogen through the Benzinol network. BCF Energy created the plan and the first refuelling station should soon appear between Handlová and Prievidza.
To produce cleaner hydrogen, BCF Energy plans to build several factories, the daily production of which is estimated at 4,000 kilograms of hydrogen. Electricity for its production will come from solar power plants, which will cover an area of more than 230 hectares.
The total investment in the new network of factories and service stations is estimated at €110 million. BCF Energy plans to start the production and sale of green hydrogen in 2023/2024.