The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine has joined the Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council"

The Energy Association "Ukrainian Hydrogen Council" is pleased to welcome a new member - LLC "Gas TSO of Ukraine".

The Association and the Gas TSO of Ukraine will to join together in scientific and technical study on routes and opportunities of Ukrainian GTS for transport of renewable hydrogen to Europe, identification and implementation of the pilot projects for hydrogen production and transportation and most importantly - connecting  the Ukrainian GTS  with  the EU hydrogen transport corridor.

An equally important issue of joint work is the creation of a research platform for hydrogen transportation.

"Today, the production and transportation of "green" hydrogen to Europe are one of the highest priorities of Ukraine. As do we, the Gas TSO of Ukraine takes into account the potential of hydrogen in the decarbonisation and development of the economy and strengthening the energy security of Ukraine and is actively engaged in pursuing the study of this issue. We are pleased with our new level of collaboration and will cooperate fruitfully to manage all the aspects of establishing infrastructure for hydrogen transportation", said the President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council Oleksandr Riepkin.

The Gas TSO of Ukraine seeks to cooperate with potential hydrogen producers, research institutes, government authorities and other stakeholders to determine the location of potential hydrogen clusters. This, in turn, will allow the development of an efficient chain for the production, transportation within the country and export of hydrogen to the EU.

"By joining forces with potential producers, consumers and with the necessary support of the state, we will be able to create the necessary foundations for the implementation of the" road map "of the transition to hydrogen energy in Ukraine. Namely - to identify and study the regulatory, technical and organizational aspects necessary to realize the hydrogen potential of Ukraine, - said Pawel Stanczak, Deputy General Director of Development and Transformation of the Gas TSO of Ukraine, - In its development strategy, the Gas TSO of Ukraine focuses on preparing the infrastructure for the transportation of renewable gases. The gas transport infrastructure is extremely important for the further decarbonization of Ukrainian energy."

LLC "Gas TSO of Ukraine" is a natural monopoly that provides transportation of natural gas to consumers in Ukraine and the member states of the European Union. The Limited Liability Company was established in 2019 to fulfil its international obligations to the Energy Community to ensure the independence of the Gas TSO of Ukraine.