7th Ukrainian Gas Forum. Eastern European Gas Hub. Green Deal. Ukrainian Initiative

The Ukrainian Gas Forum has started in 2015 as a platform to discuss development paths for Ukraine’s gas sector. Since then, our scope has extended and the Forum has become the point of convergence for the stakeholders of East Europe’s gas markets.

Our values have not changed however : we value expertise and independence. These are not vain words. Our core belief in expertise and knowledge means that our speakers are vetted more for their expertise than for their title or the entity they represent. As for independence, we always welcome an animated discussion confronting the panelists’ differing views. Our moderators are eminently qualified to ask the hard questions.

Why attend?

  • many people to network with: in 2020, a challenging year for everyone globally, we had over 300 participants and 65 speakers. This year, we expect more of both, as the high prices of natural gas and developments in Europe’s pipeline infrastructure make the headlines again.
  • we’re flexible:  we have adapted to the new normal, adopting a hybrid format where participants and speakers have the option of attending online or in-person at our traditional venue, the Intercontinental Kyiv.
  • we’re democratic: delegates you will run into are more than the usual top managers or high officials seen at other pricey events. Our event is priced to be inclusive of practitioners and professionals with field experience.
  • our values of expertise and independence: you will hear from the experts and the policy-makers and have the opportunity to ask your questions.

To register please follow the link https://ukrgasforum.org/en/forum-registration/
If you have any questions, please call +380503292606 or send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.